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Naruto Online is a popular MMORPG game based on the anime series Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. Developed by Tencent Games and published by Oasis Games, Naruto Online is officially authorized by Bandai Namco. This site is a fan-based wiki of the game created and maintained by active player KingDrekon.

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True to the popularity of the original anime and manga series, Naruto Online was awarded Facebook's 2016 Game of the Year in the "web games" category. With the end of Naruto Shippuden, there was a need for something that life long fans could use to relive those nostalgic days. With it's authentic portrayal of the shinobi world, fans inevitably gravitated to this game in droves.

Players start the game by selecting one of the many servers that will be assigned to their account. Then players may select one of the five Classes for their main character. Each class has a different Chakra Nature. as well as special abilities that will become apparent as the game progresses. This decision is vital because you won't be able to change classes until level 60 is reached. Don't worry, each class has its pros and cons and you may enjoy them all or not depending on your gameplay preference.

As your character progresses through completing Missions or participating in Events to gain XP, you will be able to make contracts with Summons. This will allow your character to summon a creature to aid you in battle.

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